🏨Next generation mobile WiFi router approved by famous hotels

For anyone contemplating a trip to Japan or planning an extended stay in the country

Next-generation rechargeable mobile router with a difference📱

✅We adhere to professional standards and have a proven track record of successful installations in renowned hotels and private accommodations across Japan.
✅ Enjoy 4G/LTE connectivity both in Japan and abroad with our services. You have the freedom to choose your preferred plan, and the network remains valid for a year from the date you start using it. We offer multiple carrier options in Japan: docomo, au, Softbank, and Rakuten.
✅Our overseas plans cover 135 countries, and we've independently assessed and verified their comfort level. You can easily use our services in these countries, excluding Japan, by simply purchasing an overseas plan. The router remains the same, eliminating the hassle of SIM replacement. Experience seamless connectivity with a single router, anywhere in the world.
✅Forget about signing contracts, returning equipment, or dealing with monthly fees. You can conveniently recharge your data on your smartphone. Even if you run out of data, you can top it up as many times as needed for an additional charge.
✅You can easily purchase additional data through a straightforward process on our official site by your smartphone.

More than 250 accommodations have been installed! Credibility and stability

We have been providing our SIM cards and WiFi routers to lodging facilities (business hotels and private accommodations). Our services are provided to businessmen and tourists visiting accommodation facilities, so our services are a matter of trust for the hotel industry, where trust is of the utmost importance. We have decided to provide the same standard products to the general public as those that have passed our strict screening process. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our service because it is of the same standard as the professionals.

Intended use🕺

-For everyday use
-Disaster use
-Car use
-Outdoor use
-Domestic and international travel
-For work

4 major multi-carrier support with giga available for domestic or international 4G/LTE!

In Japan, it automatically connects to the four major carriers (au, softbank, docomo, and Rakuten) depending on the area.
The maximum number of simultaneous connections is 10, and the validity period of data communication is one year from the date of opening,
so it is also good to have a spare unit on hand in case of communication failures, including disasters and calamities.

Support for 135 major countries (excluding Japan)! Our employees have actually traveled to countries around the world to conduct their own field research on the stability of communication, and have verified whether or not the signal can be connected and whether or not it is comfortable. You can use the service in all 135 countries simply by purchasing an overseas-only plan instead of country-specific plans. The router itself remains intact, and there is no need for troublesome SIM replacement!

※Some excerpts from the field survey report
In many cases, the Internet connection was more comfortable than that of the hotel where the participants stayed. The standard for comfortable use is the ability to use videoconferencing tools and communicate with people in other countries without any inconvenience (noises, freezes, etc.). Based on this verification, we confidently recommend that each family member carry one of these devices as a main and backup unit. In general, it is assumed that you are in an area where local base stations are connected, but please consider that there is almost no difference in uplink and downlink speeds when using overseas compared to in Japan.

As a field monitor, we confirmed comfortable communication (8-10 Mbps downlink) even at an altitude of 2,000-3,000 m in the Alps, the famous mountain range in Switzerland, and LINE calls to and from Japan were possible without noise. Approximate speed: 128kbps for receiving e-mails, 1Mbps for web browsing, 3-5Mbps for video calls, and 10-15Mbps for watching videos.

No contract, no return, no monthly fees. Gigas are easily recharged with a smartphone!

Gone are the days of monthly contracts in Japan or renting when traveling abroad. Since it is a buy-one-get-one-free service, there is no need to sign a contract, return it, or pay a monthly fee. GBs can be easily recharged with a smartphone, so even if you run out of gigs, you can use them as many times as you want with an additional GB charge, making it very convenient.

You can also choose auto-charge!

One of our customer’s lodging facilities had a big problem with the number of gigabytes reaching the limit quickly, which limited the use of the service. Since this service requires the user to apply each time, there was a need for automatic recharging when the remaining capacity was low.

The auto-charge function was born out of this need for professionals. The service responded to the needs of those who wanted to use the service as much as they wanted and automatically renew it without any procedures! Auto recharge can be applied on the same day with a simple procedure from the official website.

How to use the service

(1) Please purchase a device at the official website.
(2) When the device arrives, simply turn on the power and you can use the incidental GBs on the same day.
(3) Additional recharges can be easily applied for from the official website. The charge will be reflected on the same day.

Professional-standard service without compromise

We have been working for many years with accommodation facilities as our clients whose first priority is your trust. Will we really be able to connect with them in this context? Is it really possible to connect to 135 countries overseas? We have received many such comments from our clients. We cannot lose the trust of our customers and hotels with our services.

We have no choice but to repay them with trust through uncompromising efforts such as thorough product planning and independent verification of communications. We hope that the general public will be able to take this terminal in their hands this time.


Domestic and international shipping available (UK, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Portugal, USA)