TomaRuyo WiFi for all Travelers coming to Japan

Next-Generation Mobile WiFi Router: A Must-Have for Travelers to Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan or considering an extended stay? Discover the convenience of a next-generation rechargeable mobile router, a game-changer for both domestic and international travelers. This innovative device, widely used in renowned hotels and private accommodations across Japan, is now available to the general public.

Unmatched Connectivity in Japan and Beyond

Enjoy seamless 4G/LTE connectivity in Japan, choosing from multiple carriers like docomo, au, Softbank, and Rakuten. The router’s flexibility extends to 135 countries, ensuring reliable internet access wherever your travels take you. The convenience of using the same router without the need for SIM replacement makes it a perfect companion for international travel.

User-Friendly Features for Every Traveler

The mobile router boasts a user-friendly approach, eliminating the need for contracts, equipment returns, or monthly fees. Recharging data is straightforward and can be done via your smartphone, with the option for auto-recharge available. It’s designed for various uses, including everyday activities, outdoor adventures, business trips, and even during hospital stays.

Reliable and Tested Performance

With a capacity for 10 simultaneous connections and a year-long validity from activation, this router is reliable even in emergencies. Its performance has been independently verified in 135 countries, ensuring comfortable usage for video calls and streaming. Its impressive capabilities have even been tested at high altitudes, like the Swiss Alps, proving its reliability in diverse environments.

How to Get Your Mobile Router

Acquiring this indispensable tool is easy. Purchase it on Amazon, activate it by simply turning it on, and enjoy the included GBs instantly. Additional data can be recharged through a straightforward process on the official website.

Experience Professional Standard Service

This mobile router, trusted by the hotel industry for its reliability and quality, is now available for personal use. It reflects the same high standards that professionals demand, ensuring you a dependable internet connection in Japan and globally.


The next-generation mobile WiFi router is an essential tool for anyone traveling to or within Japan. Its hassle-free, reliable, and extensive connectivity makes it perfect for various uses, from leisure to business. With easy acquisition and maintenance, it’s the ultimate travel companion for seamless global connectivity.